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AsiaPacific Infrastructure gives stakeholders in the infrastructure sectors and decision makers in local and national government with timely information across a range of media platforms plus valuable insights and case studies from New Zealand, Australia and AsiaPacific regions. Essential reading for serious market players, developers, contractors and government officials.

The nation’s preoccupation with innovative infrastructure projects is showing no sign of abating. Neither is the boom in commercial and industrial property. One is a consequence of other and both are encompassed in the print and digital editions of AsiaPacific Infrastructure Property & Build but targeted specifically in separate websites: and

The is an award-winning research collection and information service curating key resources to support evidence-informed policy and practice. APO hosts and provides free access to a wide range of grey literature, data, journal articles and books, audio and video and online resources and the tools to publish, search, manage and track content, people and organisations.

We are governed by our National Council, made up of 15 elected members from throughout New Zealand. Our purpose is to deliver our sector’s Vision: “Local democracy powering community and national success.”

We represent the national interests of councils in New Zealand and lead best practice in the local government sector. We provide advocacy and policy services, business support, advice and training to our members to assist them to build successful communities throughout New Zealand.